Reselling: A Journey

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Shares, Likes, Follows, Listing, and Relisting -What Actually Helps

For this blog post, I will go into detail about what actually helps you to make sales. Specifically, I will talk about shares, likes, follows, listing, and relisting, and how doing these things can either help or hinder your business. Most of the information presented below is based on my own experience, but feel free…

Shipping & Packaging

As far as shipping and packaging go, I know that I honestly put a lot less time and effort into them than I should. Personally, whenever I order something and it comes in a cute box or nice package with tissue paper, or has a cute little note, I am always very excited to open…

Pricing and Comps

In my last post, I talked about pricing in relation to sending out and accepting offers. I mentioned that pricing an item that you are trying to resell can be pretty difficult. My best advice would be to always check comps no matter what. By checking comps, I mean looking on a reselling platform for…