Shares, Likes, Follows, Listing, and Relisting -What Actually Helps

For this blog post, I will go into detail about what actually helps you to make sales. Specifically, I will talk about shares, likes, follows, listing, and relisting, and how doing these things can either help or hinder your business. Most of the information presented below is based on my own experience, but feel free to check out Mogi Beth’s and Brittani’s YouTube videos on what they think actually helps make sales.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Lanquist

Sharing can be done on both Poshmark and Depop, but on Depop it is called “bumping”. Mercari does not have a share option at this time. Personally, I have found sharing and bumping my own items to be very beneficial, although rather time consuming. Poshmark also has a feature that allows you to share other Posher’s items, which I have found to be a complete waste of time. In Mogi Beth’s video, she talks about how sharing other Posher’s items does not do anything profitable for either party, and does not benefit you as far as the algorithm goes either. However, sharing your own closest helps it move to the top of the search, when items are sorted by “recently shared,” which is the default setting on Poshmark. Bumping your items on Depop also allows them to be seen by more people. 

I have found that liking other people’s items and following others on Poshmark has not been beneficial to me at all. Again, I do not think this helps the algorithm at all, and people will not necessarily go to your page if you have followed them or liked an item. This is slightly different on Depop, as people seem to follow you back more as if it were a social media than a reselling app. This means that they have the potential to see an item that you have posted, and to purchase that, but honestly this does not happen very much. I think the majority of my sales on Depop have been made to people that do not follow me.

When it comes to actually listing items, I have found that listing consistently is the thing that has helped me to have the most consistent sales. I have noticed a huge increase in my sales since I started listing five items a day on Poshmark. Lately, I have been focusing on Poshmark, and not using Mercari and Depop so much since I have been so busy with school. Thus, I have not made many sales on Mercari or Depop as of late. However, when I was consistently listing on both apps, over the course of about two months I made $800 in profit from both of those apps combined. 

Relisting is similar to listing; it just means that you repost items that you have already posted, and then delete the original posting. This is especially helpful on Poshmark, as the app has a feature that allows you to sort items by “newest in”. This means that this feature will show the items that have been posted most recently, instead of showing items that have been shared recently. So relisting will help your item to be seen more. It is probably best to relist an item once you have sent out the lowest offer you are comfortable with, and if no one accepts the offer, then it is smart to relist the item so that new people can see it, and then you can send offers to them. With Mercari, items that you post only show up in search up to 60 days after being listed. So, after 60 days, it is definitely a good idea to relist all your items on Mercari. What do you find works best to drive sales on your reselling platforms? Let me know in the comments below.


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Sarah Jarrett

My name is Sarah Jarrett. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2020 with my Bachelors in General Business, and a Minor in Economics. I am currently in the Graduate Program at UNR, and am an MBA candidate. I currently work for Costco Wholesale, Western Nevada College, and am also a part-time reseller on Poshmark, Depop, and Mercari. Reselling is my passion. I have always loved thrifting and shopping in general, and reselling provides a way for me to do that without creating clutter in my own personal wardrobe. My reselling closet consists of carefully curated items that are handpicked by me either through the thrift store, consignment shops, garage sales, my own personal closet, retail arbitrage, or sourcing on the apps listed above. I would love to educate others on how to get started with reselling, and how to be a successful reseller on Poshmark, Depop, and/or Mercari.

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